Drug Discovery and Trending techniques

With the newer diagnostic technologies, we are on the verge of a major change in the approach to STI control. When diagnostic methods are faster and results more accurate, they are bound to improve patient care. The molecular techniques are useful for microorganisms that are difficult to culture. They have a fairly recent history of just over 40 years. They are increasingly being accepted by clinicians as viable options in their practice. Aseptic technique is normally applied to prevent the infections caused by different means.


  • Track 1-1 Molecular techniques
  • Track 2-2 Pharmaceutical design of Drug and mechanism
  • Track 3-3 Stem cell therapy
  • Track 4-4 Antiviral drugs
  • Track 5-5 Anti-Retroviral (ARV) Therapies and Vaccination
  • Track 6-6 PER.C6 technology
  • Track 7-7 AdVac Technology
  • Track 8-8 LASER ART (long acting slow effective release antiretroviral therapy)

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